The fold (herd) here at the farm is being cataloged and photographed. Wwoofers here have been working hard to document the growing farm. Here is a photo from the day:

Kira and Milli photograph by Emma
May 2017


This is a goodbye to Abraham our original bull.

To me you were the beginning and impressive.

This marks a change with “Major” stepping up this next breeding season

Valentine’s Day 2016 – New Calf from Cinn Momma

img_0001-1The day before v-day here Between Two Locusts ‘oil Cinn Momma decided it was a good idea to drop herself a new calf. However someone should of let her know that in that night it would be the coldest night of winter, dropping down to 7 degrees.

Good news is the new lil boy is doing great!

Cinn Momma however has been slow at recovering but we are keeping a close eye on her

Now both Momma and baby are hanging out around the barn with their own water supply and food.