Outdoor summer solar shower built

Over one day, we had a project to complete. Outdoor summer solar shower. Using a black 55 gallon food grade barrel, repourposed wood, stone, tin and bambo.

Started with the barrel, picked a spot just below the water source and just above the location for the shower, added a 1/2 inch gasket to the bottom of the barrel that will havea line running downhill to the shower. The black barrel will heat up in the sun for the shower.

The shower is built on a slope, base first, then post to hold shower head. The walls were the last part to go up. It currently drains towards the crik but planning to drain into some planted vegatation or trees.

All pretty basic and a fun project to complete with the family and volunteer here.

The shower is open to the sky and a beautiful view of a valley and big pheonix

Photos soon